【Finished】『SUIGO ITAKO Kazari-bina』are being held!

Doll’s Festival,wishing for the healthy growth of children.

Hina dolls and auspicious hanging decorations such as camellia, rabbit, and mari will welcome you in Suigo Itako Ayameen and Tsugaru Riverbank Ruins Square.

Please enjoy the Hinamatsuri, an ancient Japanese culture.



 ・Holding period
   From Saturday, February 19th to Thursday, March 3rd

   Suigo Itako Ayameen
Tsugaru Riverbank Ruins Square (※
Closed on Mondays)



 Robune and Chokkura-bune in early spring

・business hours   10:00~15:30
・Boarding place   Tsugaru Riverbank Ruins Square

※Closed on Mondays



 Subject to change depending on the status of new coronavirus infection.

 For your health and safety, please thoroughly implement basic infection control measures such as wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands.


□Contact information

 ・Thing about SUIGO ITAKO Kazari-bina
Itako City Tourism and Commerce Division ☎0299-63-1111

 ・Thing about Robune and Chokkura-bune in early spring
Itako Co., Ltd. ☎0299-94-2800