2024 “Ayame Musume”recruiting !!

♦Term of offie   April 1,2024  to  March 31,  2025  (1 year)

♦Recruitment number  About 10 people

♦Work content

1.Hospitality at the lris Festival and pre-designated application form Participation in campaigns, etc.

Participate on Wednesday, Saturday,or Sunday from May 17th(Friday)to June 16th(Sunday)during the lris Festival


2. Participation in events in and outside the city, tourism  PR, etc.

♦Qualification requirements

1.Age is over 18 years old (As of April 1, 2024)

2.Participate in various projects during the termof office those who can.

3.Employer at work for Ayame Musume’s activities and those who can obtain the consent of the family.

4.During the term of office,other campaign assistants , etc  those who do not participate in activities such as tanto.

5.Those who can participate in the above pre-trainning session all day. ※Regardless of nationality.

♦Application period

Thursday,November 9, 2023 ~Friday,January 12,2024. Must arrive by 17:00

♦Application method

Please fill out the designated application form, attach a photo of each of your upper body and full body, and apply

in person,by mail,or by e-mail.

The designated form is available at the city hall window,and can be downloaded from the Itako City website.

◊Apply by e-mail

Download the application form, enter the required information,and submit one upper body and one full body image.

Please paste it and send  it to the following address.

※Please limit the size of the photo date to 3MB or less. If the data volume is large, the Please note that it is not possible to.

※Be sure to  specify “Ayame Musume Recruiting”in the subject of the e-mail.

Destination address→musume@city.itako.lg.jp

♦Selection method

1st screening Document review(Results will be sent by email in late January 2024)

Second selection interview(Scheduled to be held on Sunday,February 4,2024)


10,000 yen per day (5,000 yen for half day)

※Half price during training.

※Payment of the amount after deducting the withholding tax from the remuneration.

♦Transportation expenses

Expenses related to transportation will be paid for actual expenses,if you use

a private car ,you will be charged 32 yen per kilometers.

I will pay  the amount.However, the upper limit up to 4,600 yen.


Application lnquir

Ibaraki Prefecture Itako City Hall Tourism Commerce and Industry Division Ayame Musume Section