Autumn leaves of “Choshoji” are very beautiful now !

In 1185, Minamoto no Yoritomo It is said that the shrine was built on this land adjacent to Kashima to pray for long lasting war luck. It is an ancient temple belonging to the Myoshinji sect of the Rinzai sect and called Kaiunzan. It has many national, prefectural, and city-designated cultural properties, and is indispensable for visiting historical sites in Itako City. Among them, the bronze bell designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan is called “Kakusen Yakuhitachi no Sojo”. There is an inscription that says, and it is a valuable document for understanding the scenery of Itako at that time.

This photo was taken on 2022.11.29.

Place      428 Itako, City.(About 10 minutes on foot from Itako Station)

Free entrance

Please visit us during the autumn leaves season!!