The 72th Suigo Itako Iris Festival !!

The Suigo Itako Iris Festival will be held in the early summer.

Please enjoy colorful Iris and the riverside district atmosphere.


Date:Saturday, May 19, 2023 to Sunday, June 18, 2023

Location:Suigo Itako Ayame Garden (1-5 Ayame, Itako City, Ibaraki Prefecture)


①YOMEIRI-Bune(Japanese traditional marriage;The bride gets on the boat and marries)

②ROBUNE-Yuran(Sight-seeing by the ship of the hand-worked boat)

③Light up(Suigo Itako Ayame Garden are illuminated by lanterns)


Click here for details(Jump to the Itako City official website)⇒ https://www.city.itako.lg.jp/page/page005638.html

Click here for flowering status(Jump to the Itako City official website)⇒ https://www.city.itako.lg.jp/page/page005229.html